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Spartan Generators

Let Spartan Electric provide you with a sense of security knowing that during a power outage you will not be without heat in the winter or AC in the summer. During construction we can pre-wire your home for an emergency generator to be installed after construction. If you prefer or have an existing home we can add an emergency generator. Depending on what lights or appliances you'd like to have active, we can provide a generator that can power just essential circuits in your home or one that can power the entire home.

Generator Information

Generator Details

Spartan Electric proudly carries and installs residential, standby generators manufactured by Briggs and Stratton and General Electric. Standard generator sizes are anywhere between 11/13 Kilowatts and 20 Kilowatts

  • 11/13 KW are for making your home essential circuits active allowing you to keep your well pumps, water controls, stove and some lighting active.
  • 20 KW generators can practically power your entire house during a complete blackout.


Spartan Electric takes pride in providing you with a team who will handle all of your generator needs starting with installation. It's also worth noting that home generators do not have to be installed during the construction of a new home. Rather, Spartan Electric can work with you to install a generator at any time.

  • Normal installation takes approximately two days.
  • Included in our services is the mounting of the generator on a bed of gravel.


The same division that installed your generator will be responsible for addressing any servicing or warranty needs. We don't outsource anything! In addition to the manufacturer's warranty, Spartan Electric provides an additional service package priced at $225.00 and includes:

  • Servicing the unit
  • Changing the oil
  • Changing the plugs
  • Changing the filters

Getting Started

Spartan Electric provides everyone with a FREE first time estimate. After requesting an estimate you should allow for 48 hours for a technician to come to your home. Our free pricing estimates include:

  • The Generator Unit
  • Corresponding Wiring
  • Cutting and Replacing Drywall (If Necessary)
  • Mounting Materials
  • Delivery
  • Taxes
  • Labor
  • Miscellaneous Materials
  • A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Our Generator Providers

our GE and Briggs and Stratton enerators

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